Book description sample

An example of the description of books:

Example of articles:


Sztompka, P. the focus of daily life. A new turn in sociology Socis. 2009. No. 8. S. 3-13.

Best D. Constructionist approach to the study of social problems in the Contexts of modernity – II. Reader. 2-e Izd. – Kazan: publishing house of Kazan. University press, 2001. P. 164-174.


Comel L. Education in the Khrushchev era: thaw in pedagogy?: [Electronic resource] – access Mode: http: www.nz-online.ru/index.phtml?aid=5010160.

What criteria will be assessed essay?

  • the ability to put a problem;
  • degree solve in the essay goals and objectives;
  • the ability to make clear conclusions;
  • accuracy in the design and delivery of the work (competent citation quoted and cited in the bibliography of sources, adherence to the regime).

The relevance of the criteria for evaluating the essays:

  • Timely submission of essay – 10%
  • The presence of all elements of the structure of the essay and correctness (including citations and references) – 10%.
  • Quality of references – 10%.
  • Justification of conclusions, quality of argument – 30%.
  • Style, clarity, grammatical correctness of the text – 10%.
  • App. Electronic resources in Russian language
  • (the list is not complete and not final)

Sociological journals:

Sociology-http: www.isras.ru/Sociologicalmagazine.html(the full text of articles – before the 1st rooms 2009)

Economic sociology(electronic journal) -http: ecsoc.hse.ru/

Sociological review -http: sociologica.hse.ru/

Sociological journal – http: www.isras.ru/Sociologicalmagazine.html

NC(reserve. Debates on politics and culture) -http: magazines.russ.ru/nz/

Funds of public opinion, regularly conducting polls and research centres:

FOM (public opinion Foundation): http: fom.ru/

VTSIOM (all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion): http: www.wciom.ru

Levada center: http: www.levada.ru


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